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SintesiBagno “INVENTED” the “DEDICATED” toilet seat.

SintesiBagno “INVENTED” the “DEDICATED” toilet seat.

In the context of the product “toilet seat” (manufacturers, contractors, distributors, traders) in the last few years a new terminology has taken hold, to identify a specific type of product, which did not exist before: the dedicated toilet seat! This type of description has been “conceived ad hoc” and for the first time applied by one of the founders of SintesiBagno.it® (European leader in the on-line sale of toilet seats) to indicate that type of toilet seat that is made on the template of the original toilet bowl and therefore perfect for the model of sanitary ware to which it is “dedicated”.

Sintesibagno’s Toilet seat

We contacted the Verbania company by phone for a short interview to get more information about the terminology and its applications.
Editor. Where did the idea for this definition come from?
SintesiBagno. We were looking for a term that would illustrate as clearly as possible to the user/customer that the toilet seat in question was not the original product of the manufacturer of the ceramics (Ideal Standard, Pozzi Ginori, Cesame, Dolomite, Flaminia, etc.), but an equally perfect solution if not, at times, even superior to the original product!

R. So all the toilet seats that many manufacturers and retailers have in their price lists and catalogues can be said to be “dedicated”?
S.Absolutely not! The selection of “dedicated” products has taken place over time thanks to our research in the sector and our experience. “Dedicated” therefore goes beyond its own definition and contains a series of added values. Tangibly, therefore, we propose in our on-line catalogue only WC seats that are “dedicated” – let’s say – in the square, if not in the cube! The selection has been made gradually, analysing the different proposals of the various producers, comparing the same models produced by different companies, testing them on the toilet bowls… in order to identify the one that is more functional to the extreme to result – in several cases – better than the original one! Basically we don’t propose those products that our competitors define adaptable, compatible, universal, … wanting to be a bit ironic – but not far from the truth – we can say that ours can be defined as a tailoring of the toilet seat!

“DEDICATED” toilet seat.

R. We’ve noticed that several manufacturers have included the word “dedicated” in their catalogues and price lists… do you feel you’re a party to this? S. Well, we’re certainly proud that our world (manufacturers, competitors, ….) looks at us and considers our choices to be right and to be imitated (not to say copied). Of course, if it were possible to copyright the new meanings of words, we would have already done so and we would have collected a lot of royalties. Joking aside, we are interested in the recognition of the professionalism of our work by customers who wish to purchase a quality and robust toilet seat cover. Given the success of our e-commerce and the feedback we receive from customers, I believe we do our job properly. We are very happy to DEDICATE ourselves to our CUSTOMERS.

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