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Rectangular/square sanitaryware and replacement toilet seats 🚽

In the history of bathroom furniture, sanitary ware with rectangular/square shapes are a fairly recent appearance. They have always been the symbol of modernity and design that sought to get away from the classic oval and round shapes. Each time the most important ceramic manufacturers presented these models, the general public appreciated them greatly and decreed their sales success.

Conca series Ideal Standard

Copriwater forma rettangolare Conca

Undisputed icon of this incredible success and unrivaled as pieces sold in the market! A true legend in the bathroom furnishing world. Its rectangular shape and raised back are recognizable to all, even to those who are not of the trade. Even today it is regularly sold in the European white color. Its peak sales, however, has had in the ’80s and ’90s, where Ideal Standard designers have indulged in the launch of a series of colors that often happen to find entering the homes of friends and relatives built in those years. Colors such as champagne, mink, kashmir, beaver, pomegranate, whisper blue, whisper pink, fern green, blueberry, … have become popular colors thanks to the series Conca. Of course, in the Sintesibagno store you will find all the Conca toilet seat covers in all colors, in all materials (even the thermosetting materials) and in all price ranges… at this link [ open LINK ]. The great sales success of the Conca series often leads both private and professional customers to confuse this model with toilets in the bathrooms and to buy the wrong toilet seat. The phrase: “I was told that it is definitely Conca” we often hear after a hasty purchase, based primarily on the similarity of shape (precisely rectangular) or colors. Let’s see where you often incur in the error and what are the two series most often mistaken for the vase Ideal Standard.

Velara series Ideal Standard

Similar size, produced in the same colors, rectangular shape and here’s how easy it is to go wrong. The Velara series was proposed by Ideal Standard about 10 years before the Conca series. It had a fair success on the market, certainly not comparable to the Conca series, however, is still present in many Italian bathrooms. Customers looking for a toilet seat suitable for this sanitary ware, enter our website, go to the section Ideal Standard toilet seats, do not remember the name of the toilet (rightly, several years have passed since they had rebuilt the bathroom) begin to browse the pages, see the Conca in its colors and … yes it’s him, let’s buy it! Unfortunately, once they received the package at home, they tried to install it and realized that the hinges didn’t fit. That’s right, the Conca mounts hinges with an inclination of 45 ° to fit perfectly in the elevation that has in the back (see photo of the vase Conca at the beginning of this article), while the Velara hinges are standard suitable for a perfectly horizontal plane. If you have any doubts send via email or WhatsApp (3341288978) to our staff of the photos of the toilet that will assess whether it is Conca or Velara for the correct purchase of the cover. If you are sure to have a Velara toilet in your bathroom and search at this link [ open LINK ]

Clio series Globo

Copriwater forma rettangolare Clio

Given the incredible success that the Conca series was having on the market, many companies competing with Ideal Standard took inspiration from its shape, at least for its time, very modern and particular and tried to compete with the legend.
Almost all companies began to produce a sanitary ware practically equal in size to the Conca. One of these companies, specifically Ceramica Globo, decided to recall the shape, but make a modification to the wheelbase. We often hear customers who ask us for the Conca toilet seat with a wheelbase of 18 cm. It doesn’t exist! But there is indeed the Clio toilet seat cover by Globo which is a toilet seat cover similar to the Conca but with a specific wheelbase. Here are the links to the Globo section in our shop where you can easily find spare parts for the Clio model! At this link [ open LINK ]

Sanitari serie Ebla Dolomite

Copriwater forma rettangolare Ebla

During the period of maximum splendor of the Conca series and its competitors, the Dolomite ceramics company presents a futuristic series on the market: Ebla. It was rightly a great success, the upper part is the first example of a rectangle with angles almost at 90°, but also the body itself is made with markedly squared geometric cuts. Here are the links to the Dolomite section in our shop where you can easily find spare parts for the Ebla model! At this link [ open LINK ]

Flaminia Terra e Space Stone Globo

Rectangular sanitaryware with rounded corners and their toilet covers (seat). We are at the beginning of the 2000s, it is a moment of great ferment in the bathroom furniture sector. Many companies in the sector want to oust Ideal Standard and Dolomite from their throne of market supremacy. The ceramic companies of the Civita Castellana district understand that the public is looking for new forms and in the bathroom design and great designers enter. One of the companies that best interprets the trend of the moment is certainly Ceramica Flaminia that presents one after the other ceramic series that all become best-sellers (see Link and Spin) and among these we find Terra. With this series the company strikes again and achieves another sales success and opens a new way to ceramic shapes. The upper shape of the vase, precisely rectangular with slightly rounded corners and its change of depth towards the floor make it unique at that time. It is still beautiful today almost twenty years after its introduction. Here are the links to the Flaminia section in our shop where you can easily find spare parts for the Terra model! At this link [ open LINK ]

Copriwater forma rettangolare Stone Globo

As happens in all sectors (in the automotive sector, one manufacturer invented the SUV, and the others, following its success, have made their own proposals, interpreting them with their own style), the success of the Terra shape leads other companies, especially those in the ceramic district of Civita Castellana, to develop and sometimes even improve on the initial idea. This is the case of Ceramica Globo’sSpace Stone series. Starting from the initial idea, it develops the series that initially was only in the floor version and proposes a suspended version as well. But the main novelty is definitely the double depth from the wall for sanitary ware: there is in fact a 54 cm version and a reduced 45 cm version. Same shape DNA but reduced overall dimensions. A dream for architects, who, while maintaining the stylistic thread, can insert the same elements in much smaller spaces (see second bathrooms). Here are the links to the Globo section in our shop where you can easily find spare parts for the Stone model! At this link [ open LINK ]

Fully square/rectangular sanitary ware with 90° calibrated angles

Copriwater forma rettangolare Frozen

The ultimate in Italian handcraft mastery. You need original toilet seat covers made with milletrics. And here we are at, at least in the rectangular sanitaryware category, perfection of form. As I was saying the point of arrival of the design that tries to make a product that talking about the category that is part of it is always mentioned. That’s right, in the bathroom furniture sector, when we talk about square/rectangular sanitary ware the point of reference is this series produced by Simas. It could only be called Frozen. We still remember the moment when it was presented to insiders, it left everyone speechless! It was the typical product that you fell madly in love with at first glance or you considered it just a provocation of some creative design. The fact remains that you had to give it just one look. In terms of sales, it was quite successful. Not a best seller, but this was due only to the high cost of the elements widely justified given the production costs, but not affordable to all.

Copriwater forma rettangolare Verso

The original toilet seat covers for this sanitaryware, both the first version in white coated wood, and the toilet seat cover in wrapping thermosetting (also available the version with slow motion hinges) you can find them at the following link [ open LINK ]. The only worthy rival to the perfection of the Simas sanitaryware was Verso by Catalano ceramics. However, it is only available in the suspended version and not in the floor version. As a style, less geometric grandeur and lighter lines. Also for this sanitaryware is available the original toilet seat in the store Sintesibagno! Here are the links to the Catalano section in our shop where you can easily find spare parts for the model Verso! At this link [ open LINK ]

Copriwater forma rettangolare Outline

Also from that period (early 2000s) we like to remember a series by Althea: it was called Outline. Strictly rectangular shape, but here the strong element was the emptying of the central part of the body of the sanitary ware, leaving in sight the siphon of the toilet and that of the bidet, not to mention the colors and decorations presented by the company. Here are the links to the Althea section in our shop where you can easily find spare parts for the Outline model! At this link [ open LINK ]

What rectangular series are sold in bathroom showrooms today?

Let’s say that over the years ceramic companies have come to present almost everything and it is difficult to propose something new. That’s why we chose Pozzi Ginori’s Metrica series as the right synthesis of everything that came before it. It is a series of sanita

ry ware that collects elements from each of those that preceded it. We think it can hold the baton of novelty for some time. At least until any of our great Italian companies pulls an idea out of their hat that suddenly makes everything that came before it “old”! Here are the links to the Pozzi Ginori section in our shop where you can easily find spare parts for the Metrica model! At this link [ open LINK ]

And if you do not know which model of toilet seat you need? At this point we suggest to use our toilet seat search service, system already used by almost one hundred thousand customers and well explained in this video:


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