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For those who are not familiar with it, it is surprising to know that there are actual organizations which deal with the replacement of toilet seats! An item that is taken for granted, but which is not!

In fact, when you want to change it, and put it into practice, it usually happens that the operation gives you a hard time, because it is difficult to find the precise model for your toilet.

SintesiBagno, which has more than ten years of experience in the bathroom furnishing market, knows these kinds of problems. The e-commerce website, which was launched four years ago, has given prominence, since the beginning, to the section regarding the toilet seats replacements. Using its experience, it has created, on the Internet, a network of services related to the toilet seats branch. Obviously, the user can connect to the website and buy directly the product, if he knows the brand and the model, otherwise he can use the services for the identification of the toilet seat that SintesiBagno provides. It is possible also to ask for an estimate for the coloured toilet seats, to receive the data sheet in order to be sure of the product that you are going to order, moreover, SintesiBagno’s operators are always prepared to answer to the questions and to discuss the doubts  of its clients through a telephone service which provides professional advice.

An important aspect, that can disappoint the clients if it is misunderstood, is that usually the new toilet seat will not be the original product of the head company, but it will be a product made by specialised and selected companies, which reproduce it with identical sizes and aspect. The main reason is that often the companies who have produced the toilet and its seats have shut down, so it is impossible to find an original seat.

Going back to the interesting service for the identification of the toilet seat, besides sending the data sheet, there are two more possibilities that can help you in your research: the identification with a form (simpler and immediate), where you fill in an online form with the measurements and digital pictures of the toilet; and the identification with a jig, for very hard cases, like old or unknown toilets. It requires to cut and send the shape of the seat, traced on the toilet

About the strategies to obtain visibility on the Internet, SintesiBagno has created some portals about the topic:

sedilecopriwc.it : a unique catalogue of images, classified for series and model, with products, for each series, made by different companies, gradually selected for their quality and efficiency.

copriwater.it : the starting point to decide if you want an estimate, to buy online or to choose the identification of the toilet seat.

copriwaterblog.it : there is even a blog about the toilet seats!

The toilet seats (but it is better to talk about the service in general) of SintesiBagno, offer a series of services that other sellers cannot guarantee, for example just in time delivery of the most popular products. All this is explained at: http://www.sintesibagno.it/scegliere-ed-acquistare-online-il-ricambio-copriwater-per-la-sostituzione-del-sedile-wc-con-le-migliori-garanzie.htm

There is also a SIMILARFacebook page, where they are ironical about all this: https://www.facebook.com/copriwater

Lastly, SintesiBagno has recently created a funny animation video about “some problems”, seeing is believing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKTqBue9rQE

If we look at the FEEDBACKS, the service seems to be very appreciated by the clients!


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